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calls for creating a path to citizenship for those who are already living here in the united states illegally and they also want to reform the legal immigration system that the u.s. has in place and they want to create an effective employment verification system to prevent the hiring of unauthorized workers which will help combat identity theft and establishing an improved process for future workers it to serve our work force needs. tomorrow, president obama is expect today layout his vision for sweeping immigration reforms and billed as a major speech, however, ahead of that and in response to what we heard today out of the senate i thought i would share my views, as a conservative on this topic. now, the issue of immigration has been used as a political wedge by democrats for years. and now, republicans, they have been falsely accused of not caring about latino immigrants because the republicans demand that our borders be secured and secured first. now, let's cut to the chase, if we don't secure american borders, we'll never be safe as a country. this has got to be a top national
a poodle journalist whose only mission in life suck up to the president of the united states. to say, you know, what happened here is that we have an institutional barrier stopping the will of the people. do you know what the barrier is? the united states constitution. and so, people at home should be afraid because they say am i not atloud watch fox anymore? listen to rush? or sean? am i doing something unamerican? you're not. no. it's amazing that those that are his critics seem to think -- he seems hyper sensitive he can't handle just a smidgen of criticism. if you look at interviews that challenges him, he asks him anything but a soft ball question. that is why he failed in that debate, sean. he wasn't tested and it's a love fest every time he's around. look. if i were another media outlet you would be imbar wrased and ashamed. because if anyone else, at any other outlet presented both sides the way fox news does that, president of ours would have mentioned that news outlet and he didn't. only two things standing in his way is the pesky number one, by the way, fox news channel and tal
and president obama put out a psa and i want to remind you of this. >> since our founding the united states is a nation that respects all favorites and reject those that denigrate the beliefs of other, there's no justification for this type of senseless violence, none. >> let me state very clearly, and i hope it is obvious, that the united states government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. we absolutely reject its contents and message. america's commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nati nation. senator, that's eight days after the attack, 14 days after the attack, the president himself is still blaming the video. all the evidence to the contrary from the president of libya, to our own state department watching in real-time. we knew that wasn't true. >> without question, without question, there was a political coverup. without question-- >> why, why do you think that is? >> well, i asked one question. i got one question he in towards the end of my period and i said, were we involved with selling, buying or procuring or transferring arms to tur
their next meal is coming from, washington, d.c. has the highest rate of fine wine consumption in the united states. while one out of four americans has a mortgage that is under water seven of the 10 wealthiest counties in the united states are counties around this region washington, d.c. now has the highest per capita income in the entire united states. they just passed silicone valley. you are going to discover that washington, d.c. a down that used to be a towfn of sleepy brewer democrats is now a town of mazda ratted at this dealerships, fine wines and luxurious homes and luxurious shops. washington, d.c. take their tours or go to museums. washington, d.c. that reflects the reality of our country today. >> the great american writer great scotts fitzgerald wrote that the rich are different from you and me. america's previous boom towns became wealthy because they produced something. san francisco during the gold rush, abilene texas, cattle. and, of course, detroit during the hay day of the american automobile. all of those boom towns became wealthy in their time because they created somet
notification of the chaplain person, but the unit owns that responsibility for the family and for the loved ones extended. and so what would happen, particularly in a war where the unit stays forward, but the fallen, the remains come home, in fact, it often felt annie and other wives to gather around the widow or the widower in the case, whatever the case may be, and to show them the kind of support that is so necessary. >> sean: you tell a story in the book about a young soldier that you met whose father was a ranger and died under your command and it was a pretty touching exchange, you explain. tell us that story. >> it was christmas eve 2009 and command sergeant major mike hall and i who is here tonight, we were travelling to as many bases, small out of the way bases to soldiers, and we were flying and two helicopters with a small team and we arrived at one small, looking fort in afghanistan with about 70 total soldiers, afghans and americans, out of wait places. as we came in, there were some small christmas decorations inside the huts and we went inside and thanked the soldiers for wha
. the president of the united states starting with the state of the union last year focused on raising taxes and talked about it as the way to solve the deficit problem and talked about the buffett rule in 70santly and campaigned on raising taxes on the wealthy and gave the american people the impression that he could take serious steps toward resolving our fiscal issues by raising taxes. now, taxes have been raised. done mostly what he wanted us to do. the focus now has to be on spending. i think the president can't very well say we need more revenues and we need to raise taxes. we have done that. now, the focus really has to be on spending. >> bret: if you looked at his deficit and debt commission, the simpson bowles commission and recommendations that came out of there and what has not been followed through now two years ago, is remarkable. >> he is not interested in that. he is not interested in cutting spending. i think if you look at this in the large view it is becoming clear who he is and what he wants to do. he is now in the is second term. he is liberated and he can be open about w
, tonight, begin uniting. now, obama, he wants you divided. he's wanted that since election day and frankly he's done a good job at that. if you do unite, you have the power, you can vote yes, you can vote no. if you stand u tnited on the principles, you cannot accomplish a thing if you continue to allow obama and the democrats to divide you. my advice to all of you in washington, i hope you're hearing me, get in a room, remember your principles, unite, fight, that's why we the people, that's why we elected you and the first thing you republicans need to stand united on the second amendment, because today in one of the most brazen attempts to limit our second amendment rights, democratic lawmakers unveiled what they're calling the assault weapons ban of 2013. make no mistake about it, this sweeping anti-gun measure is not aimed at taking away rambo's machine gun, this proposal places considerable restrictions on rifles, on handguns and shotguns. in other words, in short, this is not bill clinton's 1994 assault weapons ban. this is senator dianne feinstein's assault weapons ban of 2013. list
, is no joking matter. we have a president of the united states using executive order bypassing congress to get done what he cannot get done through the legislative process. >> that is a problem. it's a big problem. >> well, it should be illegal. and republicans have not been bashful about doing that. you remember, that the affordable care act known by republicans as obama care. >> i don't know if and some are not. soit should be challenged. and that is what the court ordered. >> it's also, i think the president who is sworn to uphold the constitution and the second amendment could not be anymore clear, we laid out what our founders and framers said bit last night. the president has responsibility himself but he wants to push the envelope. your reaction. >> and you shouldn't be surprised the president said as much. congress didn't snt going to move, he's going to move. take a look. with regard to the second amendment there is no executive order the president of the united states can issue that is going to override the second amendment to the united states constitution. vice president biden coul
the full faith and credit of the united states and to do so is irresponsible, the consequences of not paying our bill would be disastrous. the charges went on and on and on and made it sound like only an anarchist would oppose raising the debt ceiling. listen to this: . >> what i will not do is to have that negotiation with a gun at the head of the american people, the threat that unless we get our way, unless you gut medicare or medicaid or otherwise slash things that the american people don't believe should be slashed, that we're going to threaten to wreck the entire economy. look, i don't think anybody would consider my position unreasonable here. democrats don't like voting for the debt ceiling when the republican's president, but you never saw the situation in which democrats suggested somehow that we would go ahead and default if we didn't get 100% of our way, that's just not how it's supposed to work. >> sean: hearing that i can't help, but be reminded of obama's record on the debt ceiling, obama himself in 2006 when he was a junior senator from illinois who opposed rais
so, obama said they risk the full faith and credit of the united states and to do so is irresponsible. the consequences would be quote, a disaster, he made it sound like only an anarcihist would pose raising the debt keeling. >> what i will not do is have that negotiation with a gun at the head of the american people. the threat unless we get our way, unless you gut medicare or medicaid or if otherwise slash things that the american people don't believe should be slashed, that we're going to threaten to wreck the entire economy. look. i -- i don't think anyone would consider my position unreasonable here, democrats don't like voting for the debt ceiling when there is a republican president. but you never saw a situation in which democrats suggested somehow that we would go head and default if we didn't get 100% of our way that. is not how it's supposed to work. >> sean: i can't help but you remind that had obama in 2006 was a junior senator from illinois who opposed raising debt ceiling that. is right. barack obama scolding republicans for linking p spending cuts to raising debt ceili
-president of the united states is now facilitating its expansion into 40 million american homes. something's wrong with this picture. joining me now with reaction is former al-jazeera anchor and you worked how long for the network? >> for al-jazeera, a little more than two years. >> sean: there's conflicting quotes. you said your exit was in part to an anti-american bias at the network and you seemed to back off. >> my anti-american bias was more personal than editorial although there were editorial differences. you know, like every news organization, al-jazeera has its point of view and its point of view is post-colonial, anti-colonial and this makes them frequently hyper critical of the u.s. that's not really the-- was that, as a yank reporting for mostly british managers, i didn't feel that i could get hurt-- get heard because they knew better. >> sean: okay. fair enough. bridgette, the most recent example, i had a problem and i always felt and many that felt and once the tape's out there, everybody ran it, but they would originally take bin laden's tapes and other al-qaeda leader tapes and the
. this is no joking matter when we have a president of the united states using executive order, bypassing congress, to get done what he cannot get done through the legislative process. that is a problem, lannie, a big problem. >> well, it could be illegal and if so, it should be challenged and taken to the courts. the republicans have not been bashful about doing that. you remember that the affordable care act otherwise known by some republicans as obamacare taken to the supreme court. >> barely made it. >> i don't know if there's anything illegal. sometimes executive orders are within the overall authority of a president, some are not. so it should be be challenged. i don't favor a president acting illegal, that's what the courts are for, mr. hannity. >> sean: i think that the president sworn who uphold the constitution, using the 14th amendment to raise the debt ceiling, clear article 1, section 7 the second amendment could not be more clear and we've laid out what our founders and framers said about it last night so the president has a responsibility himself, but he wants to push the envelope.
of the office of the president and senate. >> the senator said that on the floor of the united states senate. that is not right. >> i think that is more persuasive, wait, i'm not for old people eating cat food. it's better to say, old people to have more money in their pocket so they can make their own decisions. >> i have to tell you something. the reason why they keep believing it is because people believe the lie. >> here is the other reason. mary is popular senator from louisiana. most often presidents lose seats from their party in a midterm will election and secondly term as president obama did in his first term. i think they are looking at 2014 as the final moment for him to make a legacy. >>. >> sean: maybe you are right. i am in the old school. if somebody hits you and somebody is a bully the only way to stop the bully you have to hit him back. >> you can't allow yourself to be steam rollered. >> i don't think i am being steam rolled. >> to take no offense and no reaction to this. when you are called a racist. >> i said no reaction. i said i would argue it on the merits. >> i want t
and afghanistan. this is a disgrace with personal representative of the president of the united states, dead in the street dragged through the streets. these are foreign policy it doesn't matter. >> you know, there are a lot of sicking points to this. they requested security. beforehand. numerous occasions seek ti denied they knew what's happening in realtime. they never told the american people. then, there is a cover up as suspect aspect of this. all to protect the president so he can cruise to reelection. it worked. >> yes. i think another aspect is what gene kirkpatrick calls blame america first syndrome. when the excuse comes out it was spontaneous reaction to something an american did. critical of the prophet mohammed they were prepared to believe it was our fault our ambassador got killed. >> immediate why supposed to be keeping an eye on those in power for the rest of us. they have failed on that. they failed in this regard. but there are still not doing the job about what are they covering up? what was the ambassador doing? what is the gun running going from libya into syria? and th
attacks in the united states them. were also the same al jazeera our own state department talks about. the government from falling, messages coming out of the network. >> sean: recent exyamp yelz hamas has a charter calling for the destruction of israel. the recent assassination of the head of hamas was reported as an assassination. we have a war going on in afghanistan. they accuse president obama of assassination for electoral reason autos when you say they. >> sean: meaning al jazeera. >> one of their radical common tateors we're talking about al jazeera arabic. al jazeera english is a different entity from arabic. i remember when i first got hired by al jazeera. bill o'reilly, your colleague had me on, going on and on about things al jazeera arabic had done. i said you're talking about a different channel here. he didn't want to hear it until i reminded him star news owned by rupert murdock had gone on its knees to the communist regime in china bill's response was star news is a different channel. my point exactly. it is funded by the royal family of qatar. they do fund developmen
. >> there you have it. the first interview with the newly reinaugurated 44th president of the united states, al roker. let's double down. see what you can do with the vice president i'm gooding to give it a try. mr. vice president! mr. vice president how are you doing? come on! come on! oh! yes! >> wow! wow! >> sean: that is nbc. let's take a look at abc. there is not any difference this is like a teen-age girl at a justin beiber concert but watch this part. >> you're talking about a modern american family, talking about gay, straight, rich, and poor. everyone together. in a way the poet, the cuban immigrant who talked about the mother who rang up the cash register. the father who actually harvested sugar cane. hispanic, black, white. and he said, over and over again, our time. our time. the president perhaps thinking of himself americans were made for this moment. >> sean: i wonder if they're serving bloody maries. go ahead. >> that is just baffling. that is diane sawyer babbling incoherently. and as far as nbc is concerned we'll remember as the day nbc went all girly on us. i was thinking abo
they didn't want it circulated one before the the supreme court of the united states as they should have to keep anonymity because it was involving a fundamental constitutional right. sean, you hit the situation exactly correct. you've got a situation where rockland officials are very upset because 40% of the individuals in rockland county that possess weapons legally are either current police officers of the n.y.p.d. or previously served in that position serving their communities as police officers. then you've got another certainly 10 or 12% that were subject to domestic violence that now-- had weapons to protect themselves and these women now have their names published as well. >> have you ever heard of the freedom of information act. >> there are known criminals and-- >> and you published the-- >> why do you-- this is the freedom of information act. >> sean: all right, leo, i've got a question for you. >> we think it was published, and constitutional rights. having them disposed publicly is something else. >> you're wrong and the naacp 50 years ago, it has no relationship on this. wh
,000 uniformed police officers today in the united states. do we really think that having 1.9% less and 1.9% more police officers is going to stop newtown. >> sean: unless you put them in the schools? >> speaking of that, we have 150 million dollars to get 1,000 new resource people for schools, at $132,000 a person. there are 98,000 public schools and 33,000 private elementary and secondary schools in america so we're going to provide one certain for over 0.75% of those schools, it looks like a patronage program, who are going to get those out of 130,000 plus schools, who is going to get the 1,000 people. we've got 70 million dollars in there to get states to incentivize states to give the federal government data for their background check data base. why are we doing that? they're already obligated to give every piece of legal information. what does the 70 million do, is this a hand me out by the president to favorite governors? and then 14 million dollars in there to train 14,000 people, police officers, school administrators, school personnel, first responders, how to respond to mass gun shooti
president of the united states. al roker, let's doubledown. and see what you can do with the vice-president. >> i'm going to give it a try. mr. vice-president! mr. vice-president! hey, how you doing, come on, come on! oh! (laughter) yes! >> wow, wow. >> . >> all right. that's nbc. let's take a look at abc. there's not any difference the extension of the press office, this is like teenage girls at a justin bieber concert, but watch this part. >> and in talking about a modern american family thing, gay and straight, rich and poor, everyone together encapsulated in a way the poet, the cuban poet who talked about the mother who rang up the cash register and the father who actually harvested sugar cane, hispanic, black, white and he said over and over again, our time, this is our time. the president himself said americans are made for this moment and we will see this moment. hear him talking to himself in that moment. >> sean: i wonder if they're serving bloody marys? go ahead. >> that's just baffling. that's diane sawyer babbling incoherently and where nbc is concerned, it's a day i t
important than your second amendment. the united states supreme court has made very clear that the second amendment that we read about in the constitution is not just about the militia. it's about the ability of the individual it protect himself or herself, as we have just seen in cases, in georgia where a woman learned how to use a gun and a guy is breaking into her house. the cops can't make it. >> sean: let me put something on the screen. george mason, co-author of the second amendment and the left has been focused over the word militia and he co-authored the second amendment, i asked, sir, what is the militia, to disarm in the best way to inflame them. now, i kind of think that puts to rest what they meant by a well-regulated militia. >> no question. it doesn't matter you mean -- what the word militia means. i don't care if you think it means people from mars. the bottom line, the highest court in this nation has said it's about the individual's rights and if they do it legally and if there is a review and if the judge has to sign that permit, shame on you. and i'm going to tell you s
of the united states to promote reform across the region and to support transitions to democracy. that effort begins in egypt. egypt is it both a longstanding partner and the arab world's largest nation. in tahrir square we heard egyptians of all walks of life chant muslims, christians, we are one. america will work to see that this spirit prevails. we do not want a democratic egypt to be saddled by the debts of its past. so we will relieve a democratic egypt of up to 1 billion dollars in debt for all the challenges that lie ahead, we see many reasons to be hopeful. >> sean: my skepticism is that we're going to see the muslim brotherhood or el baradei or some type of extremist as bad as mubarak is, some type of extremist element take over in egypt. how he didn't see that the muslim brotherhood coming to power, sharia law implemented, i saw it and i called it and somebody wrote i was muslim brotherhood obsessed. how was i see right and he be so wrong. >> and in the muslim world, the idea that he could sweet talk the iranis giving up their nukes and with the russians, reset the relations, he's
: actually it's legal in parts of the united states. >> he admitted it. >> sean: let's back to to this, the toe tapping, i'm sorry. there is a double standard. >> you say it's funny and you are laughing. you like the media, you know the media likes anything salacious and sexy. >> you are laughing now. >> it wasn't sexy enough. he may not have been with a legal prostitute. >> if you say that prostitution is legal in the dominican republic, then why did menendez stiff the prostitute. he didn't even pay her. >> these are allegations. no, but in all seriousness, if he did something wrong, he broke the law. i'll be the first one to come show and say he broke the law and he needs to be prosecuted. >> sean: all right. he did, that is the point. you are making my point. i'm losing all control. bad situation. just gotten a whole lot worse. american made f-16s have been transferred to the radical government in egypt. defense minister has announced that his country is on the verge of collapse. where are those deadly jets, where are they going to end up? in the hands of a radical islamist. michell
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 58 (some duplicates have been removed)